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About - Russian Artist Hub

As an International artist management company in India, we are in the field of providing the Russian entertainers for the party and merrymaking events. Your cocktail parties, corporate events, weddings and other events need the entertainment which could give the audience a time to remember. Our services are fully capable of doing all of it. We are the first in India who bought the international artists (Russian) for Indian events and hence promise to give everything in the best manner that a client expects from any top notch Russian talents and entertainers.

Here Is A Peep Of What All We Provide

Russian Symphony Band

We have the Russian artists who have mastered the art of symphony musicals. The melodious service which they provide will enchant your guests forever. Dressed in the most attractive and subtle costume, they are best suited for events where an entertainment is needed. If you are in a corporate event you can rekindle the enthusiasm of your attendees by providing a symphonic band entertainment. This has recently gained huge popularity in current times. Pleasing faces with pleasing music is a deadly combination and we have this as a service for our clients in the form of symphony bands that we provide.

Russian Welcome Hosts

Russian beauty is appreciated all over the world and now you can have them as a host for your events. We serve in each and every part of the country and so it is very convenient for our clients to get the high-class entertainers like these. Our Russian hosts will welcome guests in best dresses. We give choice to our clients in this realm. We provide both ethnic wear and western wear in this field. So if you are having a loud ‘Indian’ wedding you can have ethnic wear and if you are dealing with some corporate event a western outfit is also available for the Russian hosts.


This is one of the most demanded services in the Indian scenario. So naturally, many platforms will have this service available. But we have proved our mettle as we provide the most impressive dancers. Our belly dancers are the ones who have delved deeper into the field and are the veteran professionals. We have the special team that is assigned for the special makeup, look and the authentic belly dancer looks. If the client has definite demand for the color of the dancer’s dress, we cater to it. Whether you are looking for group dance or a single belly dancer, both facilities are here for you.


Looking for something loud and adrenalin pumping? Here are the Russian drummers who will take your event’s excitement several notches higher. If you want that ‘extra magic’ in your party then these Russian Drummers are the best service you can. Loud cheers and thumping beats in perfect synchronization will exceed all the expectations that you had for a thrilling experience. The girls are so charming that the amalgamation of their beauty and musical talent will definitely cast a spell on each of your guests.