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We are the pioneer and an International Artist Management Company in India were the first to bring the foreign artists in the country. We cover events like success parties, product launches, corporate events, weddings, ring ceremonies and many more.

In-House Russian Artist & Entertainment - Unique Concepts, Brilliant Choreographie

We have our roots in Mumbai but we serve all over India. It was the first time in the country in 2006 that the Russian and many other international artists entered for service in Indian weddings and that was through us. After that, many other platforms today have the services which serve international artists but as we have pioneered the trend, we have progressed in leaps and bounds and today are much more experienced than the rest. The trend in events like weddings, corporate parties, cocktail parties etc today has a huge inclination towards the foreign entertainers in which Russian entertainers tops the demands.

We have gauged this at the time we first served in India and from that time we have had our own professionals who study trends meticulously. For example, there are many platforms which are giving Russian entertainers to symphony bands.

In-House Russian Artist & Entertainment - Unique Concepts, Brilliant Choreographie

The question here arises how many of them know the intricate details of these bands and promise to provide the highest quality in such demands. Fortunately, we are among the few who are committed to give quality service. Our expertise and experience through various places where we have provided service have made us understand the clients’ desire more clearly and has also helped us to omit the teething mistakes completely. We have now transcended our boundaries in providing the entertaining services which were considered ‘quality’. Now we are capable of providing ‘the best’.

What makes us unique is that we do not have to call the artists from their home country whenever there is a need for the clients. We are today on a firm and strong financial grounds and due to this, we have successfully provided a residence to our foreign artists in India only. They have the residential rights in India and are staying in Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa. Therefore, we consume no time in calling the artists from their own country and this also cuts the additional costs which clients pay.

Also, we are not limited to hall events, our performers are fully capable and available for performing in open stages as well. These services include symphony band, russian drummers, Flute Mermaid, belly dancers, hosts, welcome hosts and many others. It is sure that our artists are from foreign origin but we have given them full-fledged training in Hindi and English languages. Therefore, there is no language problem with our artists. They are linguistic and so are capable to serve an on-site demand as well. It also helps the hosts to be a people’s person and their hospitality do not appear unntural. Despite providing the services from foreign artists, it is a guarantee that you will get the warmth and affection that you expect from an entertainer on your special day.

We, Russian Artist Hub as an International Artist Management Company in India provide utmost security to the foreign dancers and models we provide for entertainment. We are customer centric and so we also provide the option of customized service and our rates are also affordable. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and have never disappointed them. International Russian Dance, Dancing entry welcome, Paparazzi photographer girls, Photo frame act, Aquarium mermaid, Gravity wall, Duet photo frame, Golden photo frame, Lalten welcome hostess, White living baroque statues, Red carpet musician, Mirror family, Divine frame, Angel musician, Stilt Walker musician, Led saxophone Angel girls, Crystal table, Led lamp shades, Crystal ball girls, Disco mirror ball for Wedding in Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Russian Dancers For Hire, Salsa Dance for wedding ceremony.

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We have a wide range of Russian Artists who can grace your occasions and the best options available to you at the lowest prices too.