Russian Dhol Player For Weddings


Firangi Dhol Player For Weddings

Russian Artist Hub pays tribute to the widely known act of dhol playing. Playing on the traditional two-sided barrel shaped drum that originates from Punjab in Northern India, our Firangi Dhol Drummers bring the lively percussive beats to events all over India. The very distinguishable instrument was traditionally used to gather large crowds before formal announcements and this is why this percussion is so great for a wide variety of events and a popular wedding entertainment option.

Our fantastic foreign Dhol Drummers are renowned for their very energetic and charismatic style of playing. Their mesmerizing performances always create a lively atmosphere and are a perfect addition to any special occasion. This particular collective of Dhol drummers is a really popular choice for weddings celebrations up and down the country. They offer everything from baraat processions to Bride & Groom grand entrances and even kicking off the evening dancing entertainment with a percussive performance. The enigmatic Dhol Drummers have multiple traditional costumes available that can be color-coordinated to your event or wedding schemes. Choices include traditional styles such as Dhoti and Sherwani costumes.

Booking the foreign percussion duo for your event means a guaranteed show stopper. The combination of stunning costumes, highly energetic performance and the unmistakable sound of the Dhol drum is a highly enjoyable experience for your guests. They are available for events all over the world.The infectious rhythms and sounds of the traditional Indian drumming are an iconic aspect of Bhangra music and the Punjab-born instrument is now available for a wide variety of events all over the world thanks to our amazing Singapore based Dhol drummers.

Book our vibrant and energetic traditional Indian drummers for a colorful and dynamic act that engages audience right from the off. Comprising several Indian drummers, the group can play on their own, either on a stage or whilst roaming, or along with a DJ or a live band, augmenting the sound and giving it a distinctly Indian flavor.

You create the ultimate night time effect by using the band’s LED drums, which light up dark rooms and provide a level of excitement not offered by any other Dhol group. This act is perfect for your Baraat, wedding, birthday party or corporate event and your guests will love every minute as they dance along. The Dhol Drummers can also create a bespoke cover of client's favorite song with a traditional Indian twist. They are one of the only drumming groups to offer this unique service. If you would like to book the Russian Dhol Players as your private, corporate or wedding entertainment, please get in touch with our team at Russian Artist Hub.

Our Dhol Drummers demonstrate how the instrument can be used in varying forms along to different rhythms and music from all around the world. They love to fuse modern influences with the traditional Indian drumming. Whether booked for cultural celebrations, street parades or for a performance in a night club, this Dhol group will have your guests eager to dance within seconds.